Devblog 2019-06-11

Howdy Ho!

It's been about 24 hours since our beta started. A lot has happened. Thanks to the feedback of the community we were able to fix a lot of bugs, make optimizations and add some new features.

Before I get started with all the changes, I want to thank the community. We managed to get over 100 new registered users within 24 hours. That's an incredible number considering the number of players in 0.7 and the missing announcement for the release. Thanks a lot for that!

In the following a list with everything we have changed:

  • New quest: Survive
  • New quest: Next level
  • New quest: Making friends
  • A new item has been added. With the teleportation scroll you can teleport to any map.
  • Now you have the possibility to change your password. A security pin is required.
  • It is now possible to set a 4-digit security pin.
  • On raid maps, there's now double of the gold for kills.
  • Bugfix in the shop. If there was no limit /0 was displayed.
  • Bugfix in the Skill shop. The vote menu was not reset when leaving the shop.
  • A character details menu has been added.
  • The description of some quests has been adapted for simplicity.
  • The Exp Ranking now also displays the level.
  • The player's level is now also displayed via the server information in the server list.
  • The Health and Armor skill was balanced a little bit.
  • Bugfix in the vote menu
  • Bugfix damage avoidance has caused immortality.
  • The level system has been adjusted a bit.
  • The skill menu now has the ability to display descriptions for each skill.
  • There is now a setting to determine if you can be grabbed in PvE maps.
  • The level limits of the raid maps have been adjusted.
  • The Shop and Smith Shop now display the player's current gold.
  • Bots can't hurt each other anymore.
  • The maximum level has been removed from most shop items.
  • Players are now unhookable in PvE Maps
  • /help command with information for beginners added.
  • Advertisements added. (Chat messages every few minutes with information about the server).
  • Bugfixes in quest system
  • NPCs can no longer pick up money or exp drops.
  • Group members only get Exp if they are on the same map.
  • Bugfix at the boss and adjustment of the required kills for spawning.

Many thanks to all who have helped with new ideas, bug reports etc. so far. We hope that this will continue in the next weeks and that we will soon be able to welcome a nice new game mode in Teeworlds.