Devblog 2019-05-15

Hello Community.

Well, the weekly devblogs didn't work out as well as planned ._. This was partly due to other projects, which our developers pursue parallel to Teeworlds Adventures. We apologize for that.

The focus since the last devblog has been to incorporate the large number of changes from Teeworlds current development into Teeworlds Adventures. This ensures that our project always stays up-to-date with the latest Teeworlds versions. We can announce that Teeworlds Adventures is up-to-date again with the current Teeworlds version. The corresponding changes can be found in the announcements on the Teeworlds website.

Furthermore we have carried out some tests of the existing functions in the last weeks. The found bugs have been fixed in the meantime. We are still on the way to the start of the beta. Maps and some smaller but important functions and features are still missing.

As always we would like to point out again that you are welcome to exchange ideas with other players in our Discord Server. If you want to support us, you can apply for the beta phase or for a team position.

Stay tuned and greetings!