Devblog 2019-04-28

Howdy-ho Community!

We have decided to release weekly updates on the current development. Since there was no last devblog yet, we just get in here since the last video and explain a little bit what has happened until today. This devblog describes a big step towards beta but we still need some time for it. In the Discord you can of course still post more ideas and support us with the development. Please also check the current vacancies if you want to support the team.

We now have several new bot species. The idea behind the concept of Teeworlds Adventures is that the enemies have different types, abilities and of course different levels of difficulty. The enemies and the corresponding abilities and weaknesses will be dealt with in a separate blog entry. We've also added the first bosses. These spawn on the map as soon as many normal enemies of the same kind have been killed on it. The rewards are adjusted according to the difficulty of the enemies.

Now that we have some notifications, popups and effects, we have added some settings. With these it is possible to disable certain notifications and effects. This concerns e.g. notifications about received gold, the Spawn protection or the LevelUp effect. In the future we will add more settings accordingly.

Technically, our Multiworld system kills the character. Since this should not be logical, we have extended the system so that weapons, health, armor, spawn protection and other important character properties are also adopted when changing maps. Furthermore, there are now two types of spawn positions. If we change from one map to another, then you spawn at the entrance of the previous map. So there are no more "global" spawn points on the map. So changing the map is now a smooth transition.

Since we now have many maps and many bots but still need space for players, the 64 slots are no longer sufficient. Therefore we have built in a system to provide more slots. Now only the enemies on the current map are transmitted to the player. The ClientID's which are technically above 64 are now converted to numbers below 64 to ensure vanilla support.

There will be different weapons in the future. In order to be able to implement this technically, we have implemented a system to simply add new weapons. These have to look like normal weapons, because we can't use our own textures. In addition to the "basic skin" we now use some minor optical adjustments to represent the weapons. Also the name will be shown in the broadcast when changing the weapon. However, there are no new weapons in the game yet. Of course we are open for ideas.

Teeworlds visually does not offer many options for customization through mods. However, we try to get as many optical details out as possible. Therefore we now have a corresponding effect of stars at LevelUp and flying hearts at healing e.g. by healing potions.

Contrary to our previous thought of separating items and weapons, we have now decided that weapons are technical items. Also it is now possible to drop and pick up items. So even bots with some luck will drop items and it's possible to throw away unusable items to give them to other players.

Now to one of the biggest innovations in this devblog. There is now an auction house. It is now possible to sell or buy items. There are two ways to sell items. On the one hand there is the possibility to auction. Here you can set a minimum value. This must be reached at least with the bid. For the next bid, the current bid value must be outbid. An auction runs exactly 24 hours. Subsequently, the item which has the highest bid at the end will receive the item. Optionally, it is also possible to set a price for an immediate purchase. An immediate purchase ends the auction immediately and the corresponding buyer receives the item immediately. It is not necessary for the seller or buyer to be online at the end of the auction. The item or money is also transferred in the background. If there is no bid at the end of the auction, the item will be returned to the seller.

Now we've come to the end. In the next week you will receive the status of the coming week. Remember that of course it is not as long as this one. If you want to help us, you can apply for the beta or post more ideas in Discord. If you want to support the team, check out the current jobs.

In this sense, until next week!