Frequently asked questions


Our updates do not have a fixed release cycle. Please check our blog, our discord and the "Development progress" section on the homepage.
Nothing special. A Teeworlds client wouldn't be bad. Our mod is programmed so that no extra client is needed. You are able to play with any normal Teeworlds 0.7 Vanilla Client.
No. There is a lot of work in this project and we don't feel ready to publish the source code yet.


Of course, there will also be PvE bots as opponents. These are divided into different types and have different abilities and characteristics. Depending on the type, they spawn only on certain maps, so that the player can know which maps have too strong enemies etc.. It will also be possible that after killing an appropriate number of enemies, a boss of the appropriate type will spawn from which you will get more rewards.
We do not want to anticipate too much in this respect. Our system is designed to make it easy for us to add new items. So we are looking forward to new items in the future. There are many different items, e.g. potions, which give a short-term buff or similar, artefacts, which perform one-time strong actions and are very rare, as well as normal items, which teleport you to another map or call a friendly NPC.

These types of items can be called up and used regularly via the inventory in the voting menu.
Adventure has a multiworld system (similar to Multiverse from Minecraft). This allows us to send players on the same server to different maps but still share important elements like the chat among all players. The system is designed so that it is also possible to use a different game mode and tunings per map. So it is quite possible that you are on a normal map at one moment and on a moon-like map without gravity at the other moment.

At the moment we still have a few maps available. However, this is also due to the fact that we currently don't have many mappers participating in the project. Technically we are able to add an infinite number of maps to the game.

At the moment we don't make full use of these features. However, we save this also for special maps, which are e.g. used at events. So wait and see!
In the cities there are corresponding NPCs to trade. You can purchase the goods of the merchants against the gold earned through combat or quests.

The trader offers normal items for sale. You can go to him if you need e.g. new healing potions or raid armulets.

The blacksmith provides you with new weapons and upgrades for existing weapons.

The Voodoo priest uses his skills to teach you new skills. With him you can learn new skills and improve existing ones.
Of course there will be quests! What would an RPG be without them. You can get quests from the corresponding NPCs on the maps. They will contact you when they have something new for you. In rare cases you will also receive quests automatically from the server. This is the case when e.g. new functions are implemented to familiarize you with them.

There are several tasks in quests, ranging from normal killing of certain enemies to solving certain tasks as part of the tutorial, etc. If you have a cool quest idea yourself, don't hesitate to let us know. We are always grateful for that!


First of all, we want to thank you for your support with this bug report! Please don't share bug reports via public channels, e.g. in public discord channels or in game chat. It is best to contact a developer or another team member directly in the discord.
First and foremost, of course, you support us by playing on our servers. There is a lot of work involved in this project and we are happy to see that it goes down well with you. To support us you can do anything that helps us to make the project better. You can for example apply for our team, tell your friends about this mod or share your ideas for improvements with us.
First of all we would like to point out that our beta servers are only available for testing new functions, maps etc.. Your statistics, items etc. will not be transferred to the correct game servers.

A beta test is very important for the development. Since we cannot do this alone, we ask the community for support. At regular intervals we call on our beta testers to play on our beta servers and test new functions. As soon as all bugs are fixed, the changes will be transferred to the live systems as an update. In order to be able to test corresponding functions more easily, our beta testers receive corresponding equipment in the form of gold, levels, items etc..

In order to avoid exploitation or fooling around, our beta tests are always carried out closed. So only our beta testers have access to the beta servers. To become a beta tester you can simply send us an application using the contact form. With luck you will receive a beta key at the next beta test.
Hi, thank you so much for helping us! We are always looking for people who would like to take on tasks in the team. Check out our job vacancies page for more information. Please note that as a team member you don't have a free ticket for everything. We expect you to fulfill your tasks responsibly.


This is a normal Teeworlds modification based on the Teeworlds Source. The programming language is C++.
If the client behaves like any other Teeworlds 0.7 client then I think so.

Of course we cannot cover all your questions with this FAQ. Feel free to contact us on our Discord server and ask your questions directly to the developers.