About Teeworlds Adventures


Teeworlds Adventures is a project of a small team of Teeworlds players and developers. Our goal is to create a new kind of Teeworlds modification in the RPG genre. Here we combine years of experience in Teeworlds modding, mapping and server hosting to create a new experience for Teeworlds players.

Teeworlds Adventures was launched in December 2019 by one programmer (FruchtiHD). Originally Teeworlds Adventures was a sandbox for new technical experiments with the Teeworlds Source. The first major adaptation was the current multiworld system. Even though the system of that time is not quite comparable with the one of today, it still offers an important basis for the gameplay on our servers.

First it was planned to use the Multiworldsystem for a kind of minigame lobby. From the lobby you should get to the desired minigame through the corresponding portals. By the possibility to also change the gamemode per map, we could also achieve accordingly fast successes. Nevertheless, the developer at that time rejected the idea and decided on something that was still quite rare at that time. A Teeworlds Multiplayer RPG.

Right at the start of development it was stated that Teeworlds Adventures must always be playable with the Vanilla Client. On the one hand, this offers the advantage that we can run our server normally in the server list and everyone can connect without problems. On the other hand this limits us in the individuality of course strongly. No own textures, no own menus etc.. In the current 0.7 version it is even no longer possible to change corresponding player or tee information. But we still think this decision is the right one.

Soon Adventure got many new functions and possibilities. We are now around summer 2018 and have NPCs with corresponding pathfind logic, a system for easy creation of vote menus, which serve us as basic menu logic, a level, exp and currency system, guild and group systems and many other partly very detailed functions.

Autumn 2018 was a dark time for the Teeworlds community. A series of DDoS attacks ensured that for weeks no or only a few servers could be found in the server list. After a long time back and forth and considering the decreasing number of Teeworlds players, the main developer decided to discontinue his development of Teeworlds Adventures. The mod was still in development at this time and wasn't even online.

Then in October 2018 something unexpected came along. After years of "work" on the new Teeworlds version 0.7, it was finally released on October 14, 2018. The second developer (MrCosmo) decided in December to resume work on Teeworld's Adventures. But it should be for the new Teeworlds version, because there are some new, mainly network-relevant functions. This had both good and bad consequences. On the one hand the new skin system offers much more possibilities to customize your tee and of course to customize our NPC, the new network protocol finally enables secure tokenized data traffic and the increase of the maximum number of players to 64 simplified a lot. On the other hand, this means that we had to throw away the source code of the 0.6 modification and start all over again.

Said and done. The Multiworld system was improved a little bit, there were a bit more bots, so we still had to build a workaround for more than 64 slots, the guild system was reworked again and we are now more and more in "marketing". We brought our Discord server back to life, we started a Youtube channel and released some videos from the development and we built the website you are currently visiting.

And here we are. We're about to finish the first version and start our first beta phase. Long story short, we are not finished yet. A lot is still on our program and we assume that you, the community, will continue to send us ideas and suggestions even after the release...