What is Adventure?

Multiple worlds

Similar to e.g. Multiverse in Minecraft, Teeworlds Adventures offers the possibility to integrate several maps into one server. The players can play independently on different maps. The chat as well as the scoreboard remain serverwide. It is also possible to use a different game mode per map and different tunings.

Quest system

On the map there are several Quest NPCs where the player can request new quests. These quests have certain requirements e.g. previous quests or a certain level. If the requirements are met, the player can accept or decline the proposed quest. Of course, there are also rewards in the form of gold or items for completing a quest.

Different Enemies

There are many NPCs on different maps. These are divided into types with different characteristics, e.g. life, damage, special abilities, etc. By killing enemies, the player receives rewards and there is a chance that a boss will spawn who will give more rewards and of course pose a greater threat.

Guild system

You can create a guild and accumulate members to then fight together against enemies. The guild leader has the possibility to manage his members in the guild administration. He can promote existing members to new ranks or manage applications from other players. Guilds have their own ranking list to be able to compete with other guilds.

Merchant NPCs

In the game world there are enemies as well as peaceful NPCs with which you can trade. These merchant NPCs are divided into different categories, e.g. blacksmith, shop etc. and sell their items accordingly. Useable items can be viewed and used via the inventory.

Group system

A player has the possibility to open a group and invite players into it. Players in a group cannot attack each other and all rewards from battles will be equally shared. The group leader has the ability to manage the group members. Unlike the guild system, no fee is charged for creating a group.


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Development progress

Quests 40%
Mapping 40%
Types of enemies and bosses 40%
Weapons and items 35%

Release planning

We have decided to keep ourselves up to date with the current development progress. The data on the left side determine the progress until the next release. It can also happen that we make a pre-release or a beta phase without completing the current status. Please also note that only the most important parts of the next release are recorded here. Of course, smaller features will also be added. If you want detailed updates, check out our Discord server or our Blog.

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